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Fundamentals of Case Management Practice Skills for the Human Services

2016, 2012, 2009 Cengage Learning
WCN: 02-200-203
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Student Edition:
ISBN: 978-1-305-09476-5
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ISBN: 978-1-305-39956-3
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Fundamentals of Case Management
Practice: Skills for the Human Services,
Fifth edition
Nancy Summers
Product Director: Jon-David Hague
Product Manager: Julie Martinez
Content Developer: Lori Bradshaw
Media Developer: Mary Noel
Associate Content Developer: Sean Cronin
Product Assistant: Kyra Kane
Marketing Manager: Shanna Shelton
Art Director: Vernon Boes
Production Management, and
Composition: Lumina Datamatics, Inc.
Manufacturing Planner: Judy Inouye
Text Researcher: Kavitha Balasundaram
Cover Designer: Norman Baugher
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