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Chasing the Texas Wind

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Spies, lies, and Texas freedom throw a wounded war hero and a celebrity singer into a marriage of convenience and a passionate alliance they never dreamed possible.

As much as Hamilton Jessup hates Texas high society and pity as a wounded war hero, marriage to the wealthy Maeve Collinswood solves his mysterious financial crisis. Ham's cynicism about his service, past and present, keeps Maeve Collinswood at arm's length. While solving the puzzle of who's supplying guns to Mexico's army, he is baffled to learn that his sham wife has valuable intel he's missed. When she disappears he's got to trust God in ways he never imagined to find the woman he's grown to love and get the answers he needs to save Texas.

Maeve Collinswood needs a husband for respectability, but Hamilton Jessup's got to understand that the marriage is just a business arrangement. She thought she'd counted the cost of inviting a stranger into her tightly-controlled world. Ham is supposed to show up for her fundraising concerts and leave her secrets unsolved but she may have misjudged her need for this man and her own ability to solve the mystery of who she can trust to help her fight for freedom.

The romance, suspense, and adventure continue in The Fight for Texas Freedom series. You won't want to miss a minute.
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