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The Ann Kinnear Mysteries Ebook Bundle (Suspense Novels 3-5)

For readers looking for a true murder mystery, I've bundled the Ann Kinnear Suspense Novels Books 3-5: THE FALCON AND THE OWL, A FURNACE FOR YOUR FOE, and A SERPENT'S TOOTH. Save money by buying the bundle--then sit back and enjoy trying to guess whodunit!

The Ann Kinnear Mysteries Ebook Bundle

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The Falcon and the Owl: An Ann Kinnear Suspense Novel Book 3 EBOOK EDITION


A Furnace for Your Foe: An Ann Kinnear Suspense Novel Book 4 EBOOK EDITION


A Serpent's Tooth: An Ann Kinnear Suspense Novel Book 5 EBOOK EDITION


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A small plane crashes in the Pennsylvania Wilds ... and only Ann Kinnear has the ability to discover the force that brought it down. Will the secret the victims carried die with them, or come back to haunt her?

Ann Kinnear is indulging her love of aviation by working toward her pilot’s license at Avondale Airport—and protecting her privacy by discouraging the attentions of a filmmaker intent on documenting her spirit-sensing abilities.

Little does she know that a fiery plane crash in the Pennsylvania Wilds will embroil her in a race to track down a contract on which two rivals are banking their futures. And when airshow pilot Gwen Burridge launches a smear campaign against Ann, she is even more determined to uncover the truth.

Ann travels to the crash site and learns what brought the plane down—but it’s only part of the story.

Will Ann land safely, or be the latest victim of a secret someone is willing to kill to keep?

'Tis unnatural, 

Even like the deed that's done. On Tuesday last, 

A falcon, towering in her pride of place, 

Was by a mousing owl hawk'd at and kill'd.

— William Shakespeare, "Macbeth"


They say that dead men tell no tales. But when good intentions are twisted to evil ends, and the perpetrators don’t care who gets burned in the process, the truth must come out, and it will take Ann Kinnear’s particular skill to uncover it.

Can Ann learn why arson experts are coming to grief on the trails of Mount Desert Island before becoming a victim herself?

Spirit senser Ann Kinnear is back on Mount Desert Island, Maine, to take part in a documentary with her colleague and competitor, Garrick Masser. The topic? The recent death of Leo Dorn, head of the Stata Mater research lab, who fell from a cliff-side trail on his wife’s estate.

Ann has barely unpacked before Dorn’s hiking partner and fellow researcher Shelby Kim disappears, and now Ann wonders if Leo’s fall really was an accident. But when Ann finally locates Shelby, the young woman isn’t talking.

Then a warehouse on the Manset waterfront burns to the ground and Ann knows she’s getting close to the truth.

Will Ann overcome hell and high water to plumb the depths of Mount Desert Island’s secrets, or will this be her fall from grace?

Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot

That it do singe yourself.

— William Shakespeare, "Henry VIII"


When a body is found at Lynch and Son Winery, no one suspects foul play. But then a second death occurs, and it seems that Ann Kinnear has stepped into the middle of a family feud turned fatal. Can Ann root out the evil or will her plan to move into the winery’s guest house bear deadly fruit?

Spirit senser Ann Kinnear is juggling a long-distance relationship and continuing her search for a place to call home. She thinks she has found the solution to both when she learns that her favorite Chester County, Pennsylvania winery has a guest house for rent. 

When the body of the terminally ill head of the winery is found on the grounds, Ann assumes that the torch will pass to the next generation ... but the terms of the will leave a sour taste in the mouth of some family members. Does that explain the patriarch’s daughter’s clandestine trips to a grand but derelict home in Philadelphia, tended by a mysterious man in Victorian garb? Her husband secretly asks Ann’s brother Mike to investigate.

Then a second body is found in a watery grave, and it seems that both deaths may have been murder.

When the family hires Ann to contact the deceased, will what she learns provide a satisfying finish or yield a fatal harvest?

How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is

To have a thankless child!

— William Shakespeare, “King Lear”