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Psaltery in G

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plucked Psaltery in G tuning(with D options in metal strings)   small compact form  around 24" wide

plans include photos of construction, pdf of front, interior, soundboard,m back and side views with string charts and cutting list.   very nice follow on  project if you have made one of my kantele Designs

another Video on YouTube here:

This is one of my compact model 15 string Psalteries here fitted with Fluorocarbon strings that I use on my kravik lyres.

I have kept the dimensions to 24”/604mm long

With Fluorocarbon strings you get a tuning in G4 to G6 with a harp like quality to the sound with easy playability with fingertips or nails.

This same design can also be tuned to D4 to D6 in yellow Brass wire to give a very different sound with a right jangly sound with rich harmonics.

Rosettes,  hardware sets and Strings available from my etsy shop for these:

You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (30MB)
  • MP4 (113MB)