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Are you having a tough time pursuing the career (or getting the job) you love?

Hi friend,

Today, I just have a few questions for you and then I will offer a great solution that can literally change your life as it has changed many lives before ...  

Are you (or have you ever been) in any of these situations relating to your work life?
  • Unable to write an impactful CV that does you full justice?
  • Failed to get an interview for a job you were sure you’d get?
  • Looking for a job but have no real idea how to be a successful jobhunter?
  • Stuck in a job that you really dislike?
  • Concerned about the rapid changes in the World at Work?
  • Like your job some of the time, but many things aren’t right?
  • Felt that in your workplace, you are a square peg in a round hole?
  • Having the same negative patterns and outcomes recur in your work-life?
  • Under-prepared for the Fourth Industrial Revolution?
  • Looking for a mid-career change but no idea how to go about it?
  • Do great in job interviews but not getting enough of them?

If you answered yes to any of these, then CONGRATULATIONS!

You have come to the right place today!

Hi, my name is Peter Fleming and thank you for visiting this page. 

I am a qualified accountant (FCMA), certified career coach, certified NLP practitioner and have been in employment and business for well over 20 years with major multinationals like General Motors, Cap Gemini and Schlumberger as well as exciting start-ups and a few of my own businesses. I am also a best-selling author and executive coach, specialising in the field of work-life balance.

My book DO WHAT YOU LOVE, LOVE WHAT YOU DO was originally published in the late 1990s and became a popular international best-seller as a career guide for the New Professionals of the 21st century.

Of course, the world has changed quite a lot since then, so this 2020 Edition has been totally refreshed to present the same essential career guide for the 2020s and beyond. Whatever stage of your career (and life) that you are currently entering, this book is YOUR MUST-HAVE CAREER GUIDE for the 2020s.

This time it is launched as a handy e-book which most people prefer these days and it is available for you to download RIGHT NOW!


Writing a CV can be a daunting task and believe me, I have seen some stinkers.

Indeed, I have probably reviewed in excess of 2,000 CVs over the years and even the best ones, I would give them at most a B rating.

Many are criminally under-selling their well-qualified authors.

Most people simply don’t understand the basics, so they will tend to make the mistakes that cause more rejections than acceptances.

I do not always give the same advice as most career advisors give – I do however give advice that will consistently get better results based on my many years of experience on both sides of the recruiting desk and I have a simple list of Top 10 mantras that most people might not understand at first, but need to understand to improve their prospects:

1.     If you don’t KNOW YOURSELF, don’t expect the recruiter to know you either

        Almost one third of the book covers doing a proper self-assessment.

2.     The CV is a document for SELLING not telling

        Most CVs are long-winded without clearly demonstrating the owner’s value.

3.     When a recruiter first receives your CV, they will spend less than a minute reviewing it

        It’s shocking but it’s true; so, your message needs to be short and sharp.

4.     The initial process of reviewing CVs is one of REJECTION, not selection

         Your ability to avoid classic rejection triggers is therefore very important.

5.     You must SHINE YOUR LIGHT brightly

         By the end, you need to be cringing a bit at your own CV.

6.     DON'T UNDERSELL YOUR VALUE by appearing like “Basically, I just showed up for work”

        Classic mistake which brands you as an "also-ran" candidate.

7.     No CV is perfect, but the key is to avoid the many possible imperfections

        Every section of the CV-writing section of the book has a checklist of what not to do.

8.     You are usually in a COMPETITIVE situation and only one person will win

        You must not only be good, but show you are the best, so you need to differentiate.

9.     It is a POINTS GAME – the one with the most points wins the game

        Every point will count, so ensure you stay at least 1 point ahead of your competition.

10.  Tell the TRUTH but not necessarily the whole truth

        Never lie, but learn how to play down any shortcomings.


You might be reading this and saying to yourself: well, all that makes sense but how do I do it?

Well, you have 3 choices:

1.     Buy this book right now and begin to change your life for the better. It costs about the same as a Starbucks latte and a slice of cake for you and your significant other but unlike that sweet treat, it is a gift to yourself (and/or others) that keeps on giving for a lifetime.

2.     You can decide to buy this book tomorrow or next week or next month and waste one extra day/week/month working and living in the same way that you are now, which, if you are in the majority, probably means living well below your full potential – so why wait? Don't delay!

3.     Don’t buy this book and continue living working and living forever the way you are now – hoping for a better future but unwilling to do anything about it. I wish you well!

It is my hope that you choose #1 and will enjoy reading (and applying) this e-book as much as I enjoyed writing it for you.

I wish you success in all that you do ... with love & blessings always!

Peter Fleming FCMA

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