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Building Hacking Tools with Python - Volume 1

Building Hacking Tools with Python

Have you ever used hacking tools and wondered how they work?
Or did you ever start learning to code and then stopped because there were no fun projects?

Wait no longer. Grab this book and build your first own hacking tools today!

What you are going to learn
  •  Python basics
  •  Docker basics
  •  Attacking password protected websites
  •  Attacking SSH
  •  Scanning/Fingerprinting websites
  •  Building a Mini Hacking Lab

To ensure hands-on learning, each chapter finishes with various practical exercises in which the previously learned concepts have to be implemented by the reader.

Those who have finished the book will have build their own tools and can apply the learned methods learned to other problems too. As a cherry on top of the cake, I will tell you a story about how I got root access on 68 machines in the bug bounty program of my university. (Spoiler: It was easy!)

Awesome, but is this even legal?

We will not attack any system which isn't ours!
This is great as it comes with an awesome learning opportunity of creating our own mini hacking lab. Together with the book, pre-build examples are delivered, to ensure that this won't take much time. You execute two commands and your victim server is already waiting to be attacked by you.

  • Being able to do research/testing on your own
  • Any PC/Notebook will do it, hell you could even follow along with a raspberry

About the Author

@Esj4y has years of experience doing penetration testing and IT-Security consulting.
He hacked and advised big and very big companies, spoke at IT-Security conferences and trained many IT-Professionals.

Why are you still reading the description? Get the book and start building your own hacking tools!

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$ 9.99

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