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Teaching Igneous Rocks: A Lesson Plan for Ages 8 & Up

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Teaching Igneous Rocks is a complete lesson plan and guide for teachers who include Earth Science in their STEM curriculum. Designed by a Professional Geologist, this complete lesson plan has a list of activities, a suggested supply list for each activity, and all of the information, experiments, and worksheets needed for your students. You will need several mineral samples for this lesson, but many of the experiments can be adjusted to the samples you have on hand.

 The lessons and activities include:
  • Activity #1:  Decorate a Rock and Mineral Kit Box and Folder
  • Activity #2:  Igneous Rock Word Find Puzzle
  • Activity #3: All About Igneous Rocks Lesson
  • Activity #4:  The Great Scoria Experiment
  • Activity #5:  Identifying Minerals from My Rockin’ Collection Igneous Rocks Deluxe Kit
  • Activity #6:  Grow Salt or Sugar Crystals
  • Activity #7:  Make an Erupting Volcano
  • Activity #8: Identify Igneous Rocks Samples to Keep
  • Bonus Material: Igneous Rock Image Gallery
This lesson is useful for kids ages 8 and up. Please contact us if you have questions about the information and lessons in Teaching Igneous Rocks.
You will get a PDF (5MB) file

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