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Self-Help: A Journey From Within

One of the greatest problems of our contemporary world is the great number of people who seemingly have everything they need – homes, phones, food, internet, all possible conditions to make their lives perfect but are still missing something in order to be happy. Why is our century seeing the rise of depression and mental health problems when medicine and technology have reached levels unimaginable to people just half a century ago? The great amount of possibilities in personal development, in personal choices and career paths has lead to the opposite effect of what it was meant to do – people are more confused and simply lost.

Some 30 years ago the world was a completely different place; upon birth, most people had major aspects of their lives chosen for them: religion, political affiliations, career etc. etc. Nowadays each individual can make that choice easily, which is a golden age for personal freedom, but just as anything else – too much freedom of choice has lead to a drop in personal happiness.

We seem to know everything about everything, but our own minds and their mental state are struggling to keep up; perhaps we all need a rest from the frantic development?

Whatever the case, this book is for those of you who struggle to find that tiny detail which they feel they need in order to finally be happy and effectively enjoy life. We will cover the scientific and psychological aspects of happiness, but most of all, I will focus on practical advice and elaborate examples which will help you discover the pieces of the puzzle that you are trying to assemble.

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