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On the Edge of Abundance: Making Sense of What's to Come

»I am touched, moved and inspired by your words. Your thoughts serve as important validation for the urges I am feeling to follow my heart and not my wallet. It is very scary, but equally liberating.« C Norton

»I have just finished reading another 'must-read' book. Ulrich’s book, I believe, comes from – or from very close to – a sentinel experience. Certainly I feel 'frames shifting' in my mind as a result of reading his book ... Ulrich’s book gives context, meaning, 'colour' and detail to the preferred 'New Sustainability Paradigm'. But Ulrich’s book is different; it is essentially a personal intellectual journey recounted in conversational style, making it a powerful invitation to envision this desirable future with its liberating changes and daunting challenges.« E Heij

»I just finished the book. It is a short, but very powerful book. I am still digesting, and will probably continue for many days, weeks, months, and hopefully, years to come.« T Bill

“I had a great time to read your book. Slowly, as you suggested, and fully enjoyed it. I was fascinated by many aspects:  the content which is challenging, provocative and terribly stimulating, the richness of facts, quotes, comparisons which make your issues and messages so real and impressive, your style, which may not always be easy reading, but I like it a lot: short, to the point, surprising, intellectually demanding. What more can I say but: I have to read it again (and again) to still better understand!« F Sauerländer

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