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Celtic Fiddle Harmony Sheet Music Multipack 1

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pdf sheet music for my harmony arrangements of ten traditional folk tunes.

Originally they were arranged for fiddle trio in three part harmony. Later I added an extra part so they could be played by string quartets. Both versions of each tune are included in this download.

For each tune I've included the fiddle trio score, with all three parts on one page, and the quartet score, which also includes individual instrument parts. The quartet version has two extra alternative parts as well as standard string quartet: a violin 3 part in place of viola, and a viola version of the cello part. This means that as well as string quartet or fiddle trio, it can be used by a diverse range of groups, e.g. a fiddle group that has some violas, or even just as a violin and viola duet, or violin and cello duet. The harmonies are versartile, and don't all need to be played at the same time.

The tunes included in this pack are:

*Star of the County Down
*Fairy Dance
*Ms Thompson's Hornpipe
*Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels)
*Mairi's Wedding
*The Merry Blacksmith
*Skye Boat Song
*Maids of Ardagh / I'll Tell Me Ma
*Out on the Ocean
*Give Me Your Hand

To hear what these arrangements sound like, please visit:

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (360KB)
  • PDF (344KB)
  • PDF (301KB)
  • PDF (299KB)
  • PDF (456KB)
  • PDF (305KB)
  • PDF (299KB)
  • PDF (340KB)
  • PDF (358KB)
  • PDF (347KB)
  • PDF (74KB)
  • PDF (49KB)
  • PDF (54KB)
  • PDF (54KB)
  • PDF (54KB)
  • PDF (62KB)
  • PDF (53KB)
  • PDF (87KB)
  • PDF (72KB)
  • PDF (59KB)
  • PDF (64KB)
  • PDF (67KB)

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