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I created these presets for a wide range of subjects and creators. They're for the creator who doesn’t have just one niche, the photographer who refuses to be boxed in, the rebel! I'm confident these presets will become an integral part of your work flow and speed up your process. They're not overcomplicated and easy to put your own spin on.


12 Main Presets

Air - Aquarius: eclectic, innovative, unconventional
        Gemini: playful, versatile, communicative
        Libra: elegant, harmonious, refined

Earth - Capricorn: classic, ambitious, distinguished
            Taurus: earthy, luxurious, sensual 
            Virgo: organized, minimalistic, practical

Fire - Aries: bold, energetic, adventurous
         Leo: regal, dramatic, confident 
         Sagittarius: adventurous, free-spirited, optimistic 

WaterCancer: cozy, nurturing, sentimental
             Pisces: dreamy, romantic, artistic
             Scorpio: mysterious, intense, seductive

  • 12 Main Presets: One main preset per start sign.
  • 3 Versions Each: We've taken things a step further by creating three unique versions of each main preset, a high contrast version, a low contrast version and the middle ground.
  • 11 Bonus Presets: But wait, there's more! Because I couldn’t make up my mind between a few different ones I included them as bonuses.
  • Best Use PDF: A document with tips and tricks for best use.
  • Instillation Guide: Step by step instructions on how to install the mobile presets and the desktop presets.
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