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Em's Essentials

Welcome to my shop! Here you'll find original paintings, prints, ceramics, and some of my favorite picks from Em's Essentials.

Prints are available for all original works. Each print is produced on demand and hand signed on 100% cotton archival quality paper with a natural white finish and a slightly structured, soft-textured surface.

Shop Prints

Any painting can be turned into a print. If you see something you like, but no print option just reach out to me directly.

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All Products

Paint Plate


Berry Bowl + Plate


Ceramic Coaster


Reminiscent of the River

Out Of Stock

Deep Water


Day 98


Bent Stripes II


Dream a Little Dream of Me


Cheeky Cherry Bowl,


Unicorn Blue Bowl


Pink Bubble Mug

Out Of Stock

Propolis + Vitamin C Liposomal (12 Packs)

Out Of Stock

Sinus Support

Out Of Stock

Propolis Throat Spray

Out Of Stock

Nasal Spray+

Out Of Stock


Out Of Stock