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Earth Healing with Maitreya

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A guided healing meditation for the Earth.
Our beautiful planet Earth needs our love and care. In this active meditation we work with the radiant heart of the great Master Maitreya, to bring deep heart, love and peace to our wonderful planet and share healing and hope with all. Gather a group of friends and do this practice together, and you will strengthen the Earth healing many times over!

Learn more about this meditation and the new wisdom of heart consciousness at Call of the Heart.

10:10 minutes, mp3 file, 14Mb in size

Please meditate responsibly! This active meditation calls on energies that have a real affect on your being, just like food and exercise affect your body. Listen to your intuition, and take responsibility to keep balanced in all ways, so that you can get the most out of the wonderful journey of heart :)
You will get a MP3 (12MB) file

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