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The Sari Diet

By Karuna Dahya
How I lost 34kg on my own weight loss plan after 20 years of trying – The Sari Diet At 152cm tall, I weighed 86.5kg. I was desperate. I was 33kg’s heavier than when I had gotten married just 6 years earlier! Therefore, I set out to create a weight loss plan that had to have the following criteria: 1. the weight loss plan could not cost a lot of money. 2. the food and menu plan had to be able to accommodate and adapt to my family. 3. the exercise plan had to accommodate my time restrictions. 4. It could not deprive me of the foods I liked. I was sick of tasteless, expensive food! 5. it had to be easy to follow and adaptable. The Past It’s worth noting here that I am the girl that would: a) hang around the wedding cakes and run around after the bridesmaids trying to score a piece of the fruit cake. b) select the cream-based cheesy pasta dish instead of the healthier tomato-based alternatives. c)indulged my love of indian sweegts, rich creamy indian dishes d) ensure my plate was always left clean! e)eat the potato chips straight out of the bag. f)indulge in junk food after a night of consuming alcohol. g. wear maternity clothes well after I gave birth. I was the ultimate lazy dieter. A big reason why people don't stick to diets, is they want a ready made plan that tells them what to eat and eventually when they don't like the food, they give up, it's too hard. Being on a weight loss program designed by someone else is like someone trying to become a billionaire by trying to emulate the exact formula for success that the billionaire has followed. The secret to success is to find your own way to success. I found my own weight loss plan was the easiest way to lose weight fast If, like I have, you have begun a weight loss plan that consists of pre-packaged diet foods - ask yourself this question? After you finish, is the diet going to be sustainable? Bear in mind there are weight loss programs that don't allow you to eat for up to 5 hours, require you to take a set of diet pills at specific times of the day? How about those powdery meal replacement shakes? Or tablets that suppress your appetite (why would you want to do this?)? How realistic is this? Do you see yourself carrying on with these sorts of programs after 4 years? 5 years? Do you really think it will be feasible to engage in this type of weight loss program if you are on holiday, at a party or at a work dinner? And if you do lose the weight, do you think you will be able to manage and sustain the weight loss? Often we hear about people that have lost a lot of weight but rarely do we get follow-up information on how these people are doing a year, 2 years or even 5 years later. The weight loss plan I created for myself was the best way to lose weight for me. This is my story and how I managed to lose well over 30kg in under a year. After over 20 years of failed diets, I managed to managed lose weight and I’ve managed to keep it off. The weight loss diet I personally created was the best way for me to lose weight. The billion-dollar weight loss industry If you have ever tried to lose weight with commercial diets and expensive gym memberships, that magic piece of exercise equipment, diet pill or weight loss supplements and still not succeeded, then the chances are that you are not aware of several key aspects that I had to learn about to ensure my weight loss success. In my book (that is available in digital format), I discuss these key ideas that were crucial to my weight loss success. There are so many diets that I have tried, and, yes I have lost weight on many of them. But,I spent so much money, time, effort and energy and in the end I could never keep the weight off in the long term. I was on that constant pattern of the yo-yo dieting. Many companies and individuals have created complicated rules about dieting and weight loss. We often see articles in magazines, newspapers, online and other forms of media that put out information that can be confusing. Low carbs? Low fat? Exercise in the morning? Do not exercise in the evening? This either puts people off entirely or forces them to look at the more expensive commercial weight loss programs. These days, people are confused about weight loss. They are also impatient to learn about food, diet and exercise. They want a foolproof plan they don't need to think about and often turn to really expensive commercial plans or costly gym memberships. The problem with this is that all this effort can sometimes come at a large expense with no long-term benefits because we have not learned enough about some of the key elements of weight loss success – something which I have tried to capture in The Sari Diet. What are these other diets guaranteeing you in a lifetime? These 'fad-type' diets are a worldwide billion-dollar industry and consumers, through aggressive marketing techniques, desperation and lack of time, are convinced these will provide the solution to their weight loss problems. In the short-term they may lose weight but they have learnt virtually nothing (or a minimal amount) of what you really need to learn to successfully lose weight. I have attempted to place what I believe to be these key components in The Sari Diet. All of the factors I discuss were key to my weight loss journey. They are not complicated techniques or ideas, but are often overlooked by most of us, in favour of just knowing about 1 part of this weight loss puzzle. I see failed dieters around me all the time both at work and socially. I have family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances that are all trying to engage in what they believe to be the best way to lose weight, basing their plans on their own often unsubstantiated theories based on what they may have read or heard in the past. However, often what I notice is that they are only concentrating on 1 part of the weight loss story. You need to know about all of them. I have attempted to be as comprehensive as possible in The Sari Diet. What’s wrong with fast weight loss? Some diets promise that you will lose weight quickly, but really, how sustainable is this? Exactly what are you losing? Who wants to lose just water or muscle? What about diets that 'promise' you will lose 10kg in the first 6 weeks? What happens after 6 weeks? What are the effects of crash dieting and significant weight loss in such a short amount of time? Is the food that you are consuming on these programs or the intense exercise program you are on, going to be sustainable in the long run? This is why it is so important that the BEST weight loss plan is the weight loss plan that works for you and your lifestyle. This is what I have attempted to emulate in The Sari Diet. I want the reader to learn as I have and work through what works for them with the information I have put together. Why create your own weight loss plan? I understand the battle. I've been there. Weight loss is not about sticking to a food and exercise plan created by someone else, for you, which is likely to incorporate foods you dislike or includes an exercise plan that is unrealistic for your lifestyle. True, successful weight loss is about a lifelong program that will be flexible enough to accommodate you when things such as life get in the way of your goals! I wish I could get everyone that wanted to lose weight just to read what I have to say, because I believe that I’ve been enlightened to successful weight loss methods. I cringe when colleagues sign up for weight loss programs in the hundreds of dollars. It is actually incredibly easy to understand once you understand the key concepts and together with the diet spreadsheet I provide to you. Lose Weight and Control Your Weight Loss, Your Way. So how do I know about failed commercial weight loss programs and expensive gym memberships? I have been there, done that. I was going to the gym about 5 times per week and I was not losing any weight! My food and exercise program were all wrong. Once I adapted the methods used in The Sari Diet, the weight loss was immediate. I had the FORMULA correct. The Sari Diet is all about a weight loss program that is for life. You can enjoy the foods you like so long as you are aware of certain things. During my successful weight loss initiative, I learnt to BAKE, I ate sweets and I drank alcohol! During all my years of unsuccessful weight loss, I never had sugar in my tea. I now have some sugar in my tea! It does not have to be all about DEPRIVATION. Many weight loss programs claim to have feedback from so called 'successful weight losers" where the dieters claim to have lost 6kg in 2 weeks" or "5 kg in the first week", “20 kg in 7 weeks”, but how much were they overweight in the first place? What have they actually lost? Have they managed to maintain the weight loss? I have tried to be as simple, concise and effective in my explanation as possible. I have no formal training, I am not a trained nutritionist, dietitian, medical or health professional and nor am I a personal fitness trainer, but I have experienced the services of all of these. I have also failed miserably at countless numbers of diets. The one and only diet that worked for me, was the one I created by myself for myself. In The Sari Diet, I provide you with the tools to start you on your way. It's amazing how much integrity goes into creating an information product like this when you have actually done the program and believe in it. I would hope The Sari Diet is genuine, open and honest. During weight loss, the only one you can cheat on is yourself! I had to create something that allowed me to have sugar in my tea, allowed me to eat sweet porridge, go out for dinner enjoy my booze! There are a load of weight loss books out there that claim to know the secret to weight loss. Each book is filled with pages and pages of information, research, statistics, plans and exercise programs, all hoping to get their share of the billion-dollar weight loss industry. The Sari Diet is cheap, and it only contains the information that you will need to get you started on the successful weight loss journey I am sure you will have. The essence of this mini book is that it is not going to be filled with pages and pages of ‘so-called’ weight loss information so you can feel as if you got your money’s worth because of the length of it. I have tried to cull out all the crap and refine it. I give you my story, my tools, and that is it. This was the easiest and cheapest weight loss program. I want to make it accessible to everyone, not just those that can afford expensive programs. And, at 37 years old, I have tried a lot of them. I do not want to discount other weight loss programs, but I believe the magic of The Sari Diet is that it enables you to work out what works for you and your lifestyle. You have total control. The fact that I was successful at this weight loss program also ensured success in other areas of my life. It gave me confidence to seek out and strive for more goals (both professionally and personally). Let's face it, once the weight comes off, life goes on, it becomes time to achieve your next goal whether it be financial, personal or professional. I never felt I had earned the right to write about my weight loss success until I had kept the weight off for a significant time. Now, I feel more qualified to write about how I did it. I am desperate to try to help anyone that is struggling to lose weight, because it is actually not that hard once you let go of all the weight loss myths and preconceptions. You just need to grasp a few key concepts and you will be on your way. The cost of The Sari Diet It does not matter where in the world you are, The Sari Diet weight loss program will only ever cost you $5USD which is available to you in an electronic format that can be emailed to you. Thus, incurring no postage charges. If you would like it in paper format or CD then there will be an additional charge of $5USD + postage. Please specify when ordering. The cost of The Sari Diet has been kept low. Think about the other ways you might spend seven dollars. This is around half the price of a takeaway meal and less than 1/2 the cost of an aerobics class. The goldmine of knowledge to be gained in The Sari Diet is going to set your weight loss achievements apart from the rest. So, it’s a pretty small investment!

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