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Giovanna SAK + LLWC + SAC - Chapter 4 - Outdoor College Art History

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Giovanna goes to public places.

After a long time, immobilised. Her hand injury improves, but her leg still requires a long recovery time, and she needs to wear the cast on her entire leg for another 2 months.

She must go to her college to deliver her thesis for completing her art history course.

Of course, she will have to use crutches to get to the places.

She arrives at her university's fields, where she gets out of the car and heads to the large library where she will post her thesis in person.

Her difficulty is seen from afar by everyone who passes by and still admires her cast and her amputated leg.

She draws a lot of attention and eyes are drawn to her cast as well.

After a long walk to the library, she goes there and returns and stands on a central bench watching as some friends pass by.

She still wants to walk through the fields and go to a friend's house for a date.

She walks through all the countryside that has a beautiful architecture, observes all that immensity and her walking with her leg in a cast, always with great difficulty.

She arrives at the building where her friend lives and is waiting for her to arrive from work while playing with her phone and caressing her broken leg.

It's 20 minutes with scenes:

- Walking with crutches

- Exhibitionism

- Going up and down big ramp

- Affection in the plaster

- Foot fetish

- Going to a large library

- Details in the plaster.

You will get a MP4 (1GB) file