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Read How to Submit Your eBook to the New Marketing Conversion Plans

Move Up to the Revenue You Deserve for the New Enhanced eBook Revolution!

Calling all published authors (fiction and non-fiction as well as online courses)!

EMRE Publishing is offering a free convert-to-ePub3 publishing deal.

Submit your non-enhanced eBook in .epub, .pdf, or .mobi for two publishing plans:

1.        Collective ePub3 sales plan, with an “all books free” subscription. All accepted authors will share 30% of the monthly subscription income.  EMRE Publishing will spend $5,000 on ads to promote this venture.

2.       Accepted authors will also have a private creation and sales imprint account. Create enhanced eBooks, name the price, collect 100% royalties. We want to beat Amazon at its own game.  Please email the publisher at to submit your regular eBook to see if you qualify.

You must have published something that I can take a look at. Also, what is your specific plan for an enhanced remodel of one of your titles, or an entirely new project?  We need to discuss this also. 

These two ventures will allow you to make money in both programs.  The collective "all books free" subscription plan will bring traffic and new readers to all authors who participate.  You share with your fellow authors 30% of everything collected.  EMRE Publishing will send a financial statement of what was earned each month to each participating author. 

The author's personal imprint will allow each author to run his/her own enhanced bookstore online to collect 100% of the price affixed to the book through his/her Stripe account.  You have full control of finances earned, marketing tools, categories of books, B2C multimedia (ePub3) promotions over a private, secure, and mobile network direct to your list of readers. 

Both plans will include a free training session with Professor Musgrave on how to convert your eBook or course into an ePub3 (multimedia) enhanced "experience" using the free Embellisher Creator Studio. 

Download the free eTextbook, Developing Your Digital Marketing Platform, which is the "training manual" for converting "plain" eBooks into interactive ePub3 "experiences."

Jim Musgrave
Author and Developer
EMRE Publishing, LLC



This is the publising venture that will put you on the road to the next generation of multimedia eBook creation, digital publishing, marketing and distribution.

Professor Jim Musgrave taught online courses for fifteen years at Caltech and other major California colleges and universities.  He developed this software to teach his students "entreprenuership marketing skills," and it has evolved into this 3.1 version for authors, educators, and other professionals who want to move into the sales and distribution of secure multimedia ePub3 (enhanced) eBooks.  Now you, too, can see what the fuss is all about. 

This is your chance to move into an entirely different revenue stream:  the world of multimedia publication without boundaries.  Whether you're an online teacher who needs a new way to reach students stuck inside the "Zoom boxes," or "bored stiff" from the pull-me technology of all those Learning Management System technologies, the Embellisher platform can be a godsend.  And, if you're an entrepreneur, who wants to deliver fast, secure multimedia eBooks and courses to your current followers, then this is the way to safely and easily accomplish this task.

For every person or entity who is accepted into this dynamic publishing program, Professor Musgrave will give a free, 4-week course taught entirely inside the ePub3 delivery platform  to instruct each accepted author on how to successfully convert regular eBooks into ePub3 (enhanced or multimedia) eBooks. Watch the video to see what you'll learn.  And, if you don't have the staff to create the interactive products you wish to sell, then we can provide it from our stable of world-wide eBook Developers.  At any rate, Professor Musgrave will go into the creation of fiction, non-fiction and entire courses in his entertaining presentation.  He inludes his free eText, Building Your Digital Marketing Platform for all attendees.  You'll experience the enanced version of his international award-winning historical mystery, Forevermore, so you can get an idea of how a fiction title can look after it's been "enhanced."  Finally, his English 100 course will be demonstrated in this class, which instructs our adapters how to turn dull, lifeless online curricula into "engaging, interactive stories."  Subscribe to the EMRE Publishing YouTube Channel to watch tutorials on how to use the creator studio and the admin publishing and promotion accounts.

To make the "synergy" of these two marketing plans work, all private publishing "admin" authors will be required to promote the "collective" subscription plan inside every ePub3 book sold through the Embellisher platform.  This is for two main reasons:
  1. The eBooks offered under the "collective, all-you-can-read subscription plan" are different than those offered in the individual and private "imprint" plans.  Therefore, we will need a new title created (like the old "Book of the Month Clubs," to keep our readers engaged and returning.  We'll also offer "free" eBooks to allow our subscribers to experience what enhanced eBooks are all about.  Thus, all partipating authors will get exposure in the collective, and they can privately gain new readers of their work, as collective authors may include a link for the reader to register in that author's private imprint.
  2. The collective also keeps EMRE Publishing able to finance marketing efforts to give everyone involved new readers and an "across the reading spectrum" promotional reach they can't get as a lone imprint.  In other words, the more "diversity" in the number and categories of our collective (subsciription) titles, the more interest we'll gather from the general reading public.  It will be the public's choice to single out the authors and eBooks they enjoy they most and subscribe to their private imprint offerings.

Therefore, the two plans support and supply each other with new readership experiences.  As long as we keep the offerings in each plan different in both content and approach to sales/marketing, we can keep our readership engaged and returning.  Also, from a marketing perspective, the database of collective subscribers can be separtely marketed to, as well as each of the individual "imprint" admin accounts.  This will hopefully create the "synergy" discussed above for every author.

Why should you consider moving into ePub3 creation and distribution in addition to your regular eBook sales through places like Amazon, who collect a middleman's fee from you?  Shouldn't you be earning 100% of the price of your hard work?  Here are just some of the reasons:

Every other ePub3 distribution system in the world has some or all of these limitations. . .

Not all distribution channels that accept EPUB3 deliver actual EPUB3 files to consumers, and not all EPUB3 files can be read on different devices and software programs. Some content providers store EPUB3 files on their servers to enable online “cloud based” reading in browsers (Safari Books Online for example). Other (Amazon Kindle for example) convert EPUB3 files into their own proprietary formats and don’t allow consumers to directly “sideload” EPUB3 files.

Still others (such as Apple iBooks) apply a proprietary DRM – “Digital Rights Management” technology that encrypts the content of an EPUB3 file such that it can only be read on the vendor’s own software and can’t be “sideloaded” into other EPUB3 compatible reading systems – note that while Apple doesn’t make their FairPlay DRM available to 3rd-party reading systems, even on Apple devices and computers, Apple iBooks does allow users to “sideload” non-DRM protected EPUB3 files that come from arbitrary sources.

Only the Embellisher (TM) ePub3 eReader has no such reader limitations.

Five ePub3 Advantages for Education

Reflowable – EPUB (Electronic Publication) is a format of eBook that offers some amazing features and reflowable content is one of them. Since readers are accessing content on multiple devices with different screen sizes, reflowable content can enhance the reading experience.An eBook in ePUB3 format will adjust the content as per the screen size. This means readers don’t have to move the screen from one corner to another while reading an eBook.

Interactivity – Before eBooks, PDFs were working fine with the readers. The audience was able to read the book on their devices, but there were restrictions. Foremost, they weren’t reflowable, restricting the reading experience. Second, publishers were not able to add interactivities to it. However, things changed with ePUB3. ePUB3 allows publishers to add various interactivities, like audio, video, presentations and even third-party links. By adding these, publishers can now keep their audience engaged with their eBooks.

Global Standards – Technologies have their own restrictions. Formats before ePUB3 were not global-language friendly. This means they were restricted to only a few regions. However, ePUB3 broke that barrier and is now global-language friendly. This implies with ePUB3 publishers have right-to-left and improved annotation that breaks the geographical barrier. This can be used by anyone and from anywhere.

Read-aloud Feature – With ePUB3, a lot of things changed, one of which was the read-aloud feature (SMIL). This feature has made it easy for publishers to reach a wider audience, hassle-free. The format supports various input formats, such as XML, HTML, PDF, and others. There is also an option of a ‘Narrator’. This supports 32 languages and further allows the creation of audiobooks that sound natural.

Accessibility –  It’s important for eBooks to be WCAG compliant. As publishers, it’s the responsibility to make the content accessible to the audience of various kinds. WCAG ensures that the content is available for people with learning disability, literacy challenges, visual impairment, and other reading-related problems.

ePUB3 addresses these issues and provides an enhanced solution. The format offers better semantics, media overlays, pronunciation hints, and text-to-speech playback. This makes eBook accessible to the audience from various walks of life.

ePUB3 is the latest format that has elevated the popularity of eBooks amongst the younger generation. Publishers prefer this format because of the mentioned features. User-friendly content is the key to success, and ePUB3 makes it possible.


This business not only serves the readers of the exclusive ePub3-formatted eBooks created by EMRE Publishing, it also serves as the home to other websites as well!  If you are interested, you can get a website designed and included with your acceptance into the Embellisher secure mobile platform's marketing and distribution plans.  The post-COVID world will be concerned with ownership and the protection of quality ePub3 intellectual property.  We are here with the tools and the developers to assist you in making that happen.  We can also, for a fee, integrate your website with Payhip and its international reach for independent authors.

We can harness the distribution power of Amazon and other online distributors, and send your readers to purchase the exclusive ePub3 enhanced titles you'll have for sale inside your exclusive Embellisher store.  You won't have to share the wealth.  You'll collect all the royalties on the sales of eBooks and digital products.  We can even create a page of your titles that will integrate with Payhip like this (for an extra fee):

Our international developers and eBook "enhancers" have years of experience, including work with major publishing houses and universities, including, Taylor & Francis, Simon & Schuster, Andrews Mcmeel Universal, Penguin Random House India & Canada, Open Road Media, Australian Government Department of Defence, Crawford, T-Base, Texas A&M University (TAMU), AMAC, Cengage Learning etc. in creating and managing their content efficiently and cost-effectively by preparing them for simultaneous delivery to digital platforms.

Remember:  We will be accepting submissions (fiction and non-fiction) for just a limited time, until we have enough authors to make the two publishing plans viable. 

If you wish to create your own enhanced eBooks on your own, then you can purchase a stand-alone edition of the Embellisher platform to use on your private website.  Please email to find out more, or visit our website.

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