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HARMONIZE Sing-Along Vocal Exercises

10 exercises à 4-5 min. Full program length: 45 min.

Harmonize Sing-Along Vocal Exercises will help you to grow vocally and musically.

These ten, simplistic exercises are designed to gently warm up your voice, strengthen your breath support, and help you develop a strong sense of the musical context with will improve your pitch, musicality, and artistic expression.


You can use the exercises to warm up for rehearsals and singing repertoire or generally to wake up your voice and get ready for the day. They come in handy whenever you need to prepare yourself for a vocal challenge: concerts and shows, meetings, presentations, rehearsals, and training.

Stress Relief
Use the exercises to relieve stress after a long workday or to relieve your vocal chords after exhaustion and strain. Humming and using the straw are ideal for this purpose.

Technical Routine
Create your own technical routine by picking your favourite exercises and setting weekly goals. Try to focus on a few aspects at a time: Sound, pitch, breath, body support, musicality, presence, etc.

Meditation/Sleep Improvement
These exercises are also ideal to form a daily habit of mediation: get in a comfortable, relaxed position like sitting on a chair or lying on a Yoga mat. Start the audios and gently, without pressure, sing along. Focus on your breath and the movements of your body. Focus on the rhythm and melody, and experience how the stress and restlessness melt away. 

Use them just before you go to bed for better sleep. 


  • 10 exercise tracks plus vocal guide track for each exercise
  • PDF Essential Guide - how to get started
  • PDF Worksheet - instructions for every exercise

Length: The average length of each exercise is 4-5 min. The whole program amounts to 45 min.

Range: The exercises cover the core zone A3 to D5. The program can be used both by male and female singers - male singers sing one octave lower. 

Exercise Type: Vocalises with accompaniment. Intuitive exercises for the voice, to be sung melismatically or to various syllables. The melodic patterns go up the keyboard in half-step intervals and then return to the original key.

Try for free: To test these exercises, you can download exercise 10 for free by clicking on "Preview" at the top right corner of this page.

Make singing part of your everyday life!

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