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Fragments // TheJournalOf

„Cloudy childhood memories that come back in flashes and the idea of a future that is blurry and promising and so frightening that it hurts. Apple pie and walnut trees, scratched knees, twisted heads and broken hearts, but still this hope whispering in my head that I have to go on, because I can. Because I should, after all the things that life threw in my way and that I survived, barely, completely, in pieces and sometimes only halfway.“

Christmas is the time to say thank you - and I wanted to thank all of you for being a part of my little world, for reading my words and for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me. <3 Right now, the candles next to my bed flicker and burn and my whole room smells like oranges and ink - it’s almost Christmas Eve, and I’ve been working through the night to finally finish this little poetry book. Some quotes will sound familiar to friends of my little blog, some are from diary entries I have never published before. But it’s here - by far not perfect, but a little collection of everything I wrote in my little (online) diary in these past two years. Last but not least, I hope you will enjoy this little book as much as I enjoyed making it. It felt like a journey back in time - so much has changed (I’m a redhead now, for example), but I still feel like the same girl: Reaching for the stars, but sometimes too scared to even leave my bed. And that’s okay - life will go on, whether you have a good or a bad day. What counts is our will to make the best out of it, and take care of our precious minds and fragile hearts along the way.

„Leave your fingerprints on my naked soul, your lips on my parchment skin, quotation marks on any love letter you ever sent to my stubborn heart, and your kisses on my forehead, knowing that maybe you don't always know what is going on in there, but you are the one brave enough to try.“

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