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Vivian LLWC - chapter 03 -work at home and hot outdoor scenes

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Vivian LLWC - chapter 03 -work at home and hot outdoor scenes

Day 2 - waking up with a cast on his leg, he goes to the bathroom to clean up, get ready to do some homework.
Now she uses a crutch for support and is able to walk rolling and supporting her cast with a heel on the other leg.
With great difficulty, he goes to the kitchen for breakfast.
After breakfast, she goes to her desk to answer some emails and talk to her boss.
Time for the tour Vivian decided to go to an underground library in the city of São Paulo.
Of course, the library has a large staircase where Vivian descends step by step with the help of her crutch.
In the library part, Vivian draws everyone's attention with her beauty and her beautiful plaster, it's impossible not to look at a woman so hot and dazzling.
After visiting the library, she goes to one of the famous sights of São Paulo.
On the traditional São Paulo avenue, she walks alone, crosses the street, uses crosswalks and blends in with the people.
Many look at some ask and you can see all this and a little more in detail in this fantastic project.

Video - 16 minutes

the video contains scenes from:
- Getting up
- scenes in the bathroom
- having coffee at home
- doing home office
- rolling with the plaster
- going to a public place
- going up and down the ladder.
- visit the bookstore
- walking in the middle of the street with the public
- crossing the street .
You will get a MP4 (922MB) file
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