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The Princess and the Impatient Frog Audio

 J J Piglet         The Voice

The Princess and the Impatient Frog    audiobook

by John Gerard Sapodilla

We all know how these stories begin: a young Prince goes riding in the woods and meets a witch who asks him to marry her, he rejects the proposal and the witch, in a fit of rage, transforms the Prince into a frog.
At this point, you might believe that the Prince would fall into deep despair being stuck in the middle of the woods, without any idea of where to go and what to do.
However, our Prince knows very well what strategy to implement once you have been transformed into a frog. First, he jumps on his horse and orders the stallion to gallop to the nearest pond. Because even though he has been transformed into frog the Prince still retains the power of speech and as well gets a croak in addition. And, of course, when he arrives at the pond, it is important to make the proper friends.
“How are things here?” The Prince croaks with the airy tone of the candidate who has come to make promises that will help him get elected.
He introduces himself to a group of frogs, that look disenchantedly at the Prince, as if to warn him:
“Don’t dream that you can jump over the rotting leaves, where the best flies linger.”
Frogs are fond of flies. They love shooting out their tongue and make a flying catch of a couple flies. If it was up to them, they would do little else.
The Prince realizes that he has to adapt while waiting for a bypassing princess to kiss him so that he could be transformed back into a Prince. He discreetly asks around and learns with great satisfaction that there are no more Princefrogs in the pond. He needs only to wait for a princess to come to the pond to refresh herself, woo her and whisper sweet nothings in her ear while hopping around her.
Soon, the right Princess arrives, but she does not want to kiss him. Well, at least not for the moment. She tells him that she wants to know him better and carries him off to her garden. But....





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