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Your digital media profile is like a mirror that reflects your image to the world – be it a good, bad or indifferent, that is the image that defines your business.

The good news is that, whatever your digital media profile may look like at present, GMB Services will enhance that image and build it into one that will attract buyer attention and more business. We will shape your company's profile to present you as an industry leader and an authority in your field, consequently your company will be seen as being utterly trustworthy.
Market research has proven that TRUST is the biggest single buyer trigger in business.

GMB Services will re-work your company's profile and stamp it with the seal of AUTHORITY and TRUST, an unbeatable and powerful winning combination.

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. They have gained that position because they have consistently improved their system to present RELEVANT search information. Google has become the premium sought after advertising platform; Advertisers are confident that their ads will reach the right audience, they trust Google.
Google literally banks on this trust and is systematically sorting out local businesses by allowing them to register and be authenticated as actual bona-fide businesses. Even more, Google goes the extra mile to send its spider-bots out to crawl the web and build a detailed digital profile for each and every registered business.

Can you begin to see the critical importance of your business profile?

GMB Services, a subsidiary of Digital Media Profiler, identified this great need for businesses to re-image with Google. We estimate that 98% of businesses are deficient in this area and yet it is so easy to correct! And the benefits will be substantial.

GMB Services offers a four-phased profiling programme. Each successive phase builds on each other to shape your digital media profile into a trusted business:

Phase #1

  1. Apply, register and verify you with Google Business on your behalf.
  2. Create a comprehensive Google profile that will greatly enhance your Google ranking.
  3. Optimise Your Google Business page with our propriety methods. Magic happens.

Phase #2

  1. Populate your Google Business Page with graphics and a video.
  2. Create your business YouTube Channel.
  3. Upload your videos to your channel and link to your website.

Phase #3

  1. Set up your dedicated Twitter account.
  2. Set up your business FaceBook Page.
  3. Analyse your business plan and gather material for your videos.

Phase #4

  1. Create 4 Niche Websites and populate them with content.
  2. Produce 4 fresh videos and upload to your YouTube channel and on websites.Monitor and interact initially with your media sites whilst training your staff member.
  3. Continue to evaluate your digital media profile monthly for a year.

This is our proposal:

Because we know how crucial it is to get authenticated with Google, we have decided to offer a flexible approach for easy entry.

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to do Phase #1.


If yours is a one-man business, a new start-up or you find trading is thin at the moment, we reckon the chances of you picking up the entire package is probably slim. That is why we recommend you bite the bullet and invest in Phase #1 to kick-start your business. You should soon see your traffic spike and your leads jump as your page rank improves. Depending on your niche, you may even find your page rank on page one, number one. Our optimising strategy normally lifts your rank over time and at times it will be dramatic. Whatever the timing, our work will have a profound effect on your business.

Each phase is designed to incrementally reinforce your digital media profile therefore it is advisable to fund the first three phases, that gives us the ability to implement our strategies immediately.

We offer an incentive to make Phase #4 more affordable for a very limited time we can discount the Phase #4 price by 60%, but then you have to commit to the total package up-front. A further sweetener we can allow for a short time is that if you agree irrevocably to give us a Testimonial for our website, we are prepared to reduce the cost by another $2700 only for the first five clients.

That is a bargain-basement price that you will never find again!

What you need to do now:

Choose which development phases you want us to run for your business.
*From the second phase onward, the price will include for the preceding phases. e.g. If you purchase phase three it will cost you $900 to cover for 1, 2 and 3.

Choosing Phase #4:  There are two discount vouchers you can apply that will reduce the standard cost in line with our special promotional discounts.
*You will see the final cost before you buy. If it is not right, please go back and check that you have selected the correct vouchers.

You will get a PDF (138KB) file

NZD 23100.00

NZD 23100.00

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