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Party kit EXPERT - MAGIC Practicum Party concept - Science or Magic?

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This Wizarding party kit includes PRINTABLE INVITATIONS, BOTTLE LABELS, DIPLOMAS and the BEST MAGICAL ACTIVITIES based on scientific experiments. With a "School of Witchcraft" atmosphere, all these activities become MAGICAL! Therefore, your party could take on the allure of a real Wizarding classroom.

All activities are very easy to organize and don't require any chemical ingredients. You will find all you need in your kitchen cupboard or at the local grocery store.

You could organize your party as "classes" of subjects studied in a school of Magic:

- History of Magic - QUIZ
- Charms and Transfiguration - easy, but MAGICAL scientific experiments

Of course, to cast spells the children will need Magic Wands - you will start your party by making them! The designs are included.

During the "break times" between your "classes", the children will play Wizarding games, like "Catch the snitch" - instructions are included. It's always a HIT!

At the end of the party, the children will make their yummy party favors — Snitches — from Ferrero Rocher!

In one word, just follow the instructions for each activity. The kit includes all the printables that you will need to set up your party in record time!

Here is the full list of exclusive MAGIC Practicum activities that are included in this set:

★ Magic Wands making party set - print the Magic wands handle designs and use chopsticks to make them

★ A potion recipe and matching ingredients labels - so you can easily give your first "Potion class"

★ Introduction to the History of Magic - Harry Potter and other magic related facts quiz

★ Snitch making - craft activity and party favor

★ Shrinking charm - a charm that WORKS, so the children can prove their magical skills

★ Transfiguration spell - Yes! You will be able to show the children that you are a master in TRANSFIGURATION! Science will help you :)

★ Trapping sap - discover a magical substance in a game-like magical experiment

★ Catch the snitch - game description

★ Photobooth frames - to make great memories for all attending your party

★ Magical bottle labels - to transform any drinks into Wizarding beverages

★ Wizarding party invitations - to print or to send via WhatsApp or email

★ Witchcraft and Wizardry School Diploma - party favor for the children attending your party and of course for the birthday child

Save your time and start to prepare your Wizarding Party immediately! Each activity comes with a detailed description. You won't need to run to Diagon Alley, to dry frogs or extract slug slime - you will find the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard or at the local grocery store. All ingredients I’m using in Magic Practicum experiments and potions are easy to find and safe for the children to manipulate.

Are you ready? Let’s start the party!


- PDF file - Magic wands handle designs and instructions on how to make them
Watch the video tutotial on how to make the wands!

- Editable PDF file with 1 invitation on it - you can edit and send it by email or via WhatsApp.
- Editable PDF file with 2 invitations on each page - you can edit and print it at home on A4 or US letter paper. The size of a printed invitation is 10,2 x 14,5 cm (4" x 5,7").
- NON-editable PDF file - you can print it and then add your text by hand

★ Witchcraft and Wizardry School DIPLOMA
- Editable PDF file - you can enter the children’s names and print them at home or at the local print service. It's also possible to print it and write the names by hand.

- Non-editable PDF file with 5 different labels on it. To be printed.

- 2 PDF files to print on A4 or US letter paper and instructions on how to cut it out and glue it together.


- Potion Recipe - non-editable PDF file, to print one sheet per 2-3 children.
- Potion labels - non-editable PDF file to print. You will glue those labels on jars and bottles.
- PDF Instructions on how to fill jars and bottles. You will find most of the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

- PDF file with 33 Harry Potter and other magic-related questions.

- PDF file with instructions and 2 sheets of magical wings to print for the craft activity

- PDF instructions on how to run the experience. You will use a magic formula to make it work. Success guaranteed.

- PDF instructions on how to run the transfiguration and what to tell to the children. You won't be able to transform water into wine, but still, it's impressive and magical!

- PDF instructions on how to prepare the game. Absolutely magical and very easy to put in place!

- PDF file with the game description.

- PDF file Witchcraft and Wizardry School Diploma - partly editable


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This Magic Practicum concept and printables by Anna Yaga are for personal use only. You can use it at your party, print it for yourself or as a gift but it cannot be printed for multiples events or used for any business-related purpose. Copyright belongs to Magic Practicum.


Please note that colors may vary due to different monitors' and printers’ settings.

Printable files are in high-quality resolution. For the best results, set your printer on "Best quality". For exceptionally high-quality images, use photo paper and "Photo paper quality" printer settings.


• Can these activities be organized indoor?
YES! All experiments and games can be organized indoor.

• Do you take custom requests?
Yes! Just message me to discuss your custom order.

• How can I edit the invitations and diplomas ?

Very simple!
Open the editable PDF file in the Adobe Reader DC (download a FREE version of Adobe Reader DC
Edit the text, and that's it! Your invitations are ready to be printed or sent by email!

Do you want to try editing? Download this FREE TEST version on your COMPUTER.
If you can edit this file, it will be as easy to edit your party invitation!

If it doesn’t work straight away, download the latest version of Adobe Reader DC and edit the FREE test version again!
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (6MB)
  • ZIP (8MB)
  • ZIP (12MB)
  • ZIP (19MB)
  • ZIP (19MB)

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