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122 Pages of solid content, Have an unfair advantage over other men even if you are not goodlooking or rich, this ebook is the men's ultimate guide to courting, dating, having meaningful relationships and getting laid.


Every relationship between a man and a woman starts with an initial encounter. A meeting, a first sight, a first exchange of words. If a guy and a woman felt sexual chemistry or better known as “love at first sight” then it might evolve to higher levels.
A meeting with a girl usually occur because it was set up by friends, relatives, officemates or even classmates. That’s easy of course, isn’t it? But how about a beautiful girl you saw at the supermall that caught your eyes? The girl who made your heart beat 200 times a minute and made you swear that she’s the girl that you are going to marry. Certainly you would like to know her.
Or you could be at a discotheque, party or outside during your hour. There are plenty of pretty women around. However, this one comes out of nowhere , and really captures your attention. What do you do?
I am sure that in the past you have probably let most opportunities such as this one slip away. You see her, she captures your attention. However, you do nothing about it. She walks out of your life, and you never see her again.
A lot of guys I spoke to seem to be having difficulty with this very thing. Few guys feel comfortable when a girl, especially a girl we are attracted to is near. Girls are nerve wrecking aren’t they? You have probably experienced shaking knees, stomach turned upside down or even dropped your jaw a couple of times. Well, that is not going to happen again!! This time, when you see a girl you’re attracted to you will approach her and start up a conversation. The first step will be to get in the right frame of mind. This is the single most important thing in picking up pretty women.
Look, nine out of ten women feel flattered if they are approached, and you simply can’t worry about the tenth.
“So how do you walk up to a perfect stranger and ask for a date?” or “ What should you say to her?” are the most common problems mentioned. Because of this, I’ll dwell a bit on the subject. By following my advice, you won’t just find yourself going out frequently, but going out to dates that lead on to something deeper, something more.
Too many times, you see some bespectacled geek, with Miss Universe of a girlfriend in his arms. Have you ever wondered why that despite the attachment, girls still chase that nerd of a guy around? What has he got?
Your buddies, constantly floods you with news about their latest conquest. They never seem to run out of dates, and great looking dates they have. Have you ever asked yourself why?


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