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Emanuelle Chapter 02 - Lingerie, sensual shoots and a ride...

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Emanuelle Chapter 02 - Lingerie, sensual shoots and a ride...

Emanuelle, after all the accident and the medical care, rests and goes to bed to wait for the plaster to dry a little.

He goes to his room to change clothes and prepare for work on his laptop.

She talks to her boss and they decide to continue and do the lingerie photo campaign even with a broken leg.

She stops the 3 looks sent for the photos and videos and makes beautiful photos on the roof using the bedroom, the living room very cool environments with very hot scenes where she also caresses and kisses your feet.

The photo and video sessions last all day. And in the end, she decides to walk in a beautiful square that she saw when she arrived from her trip.

An immense square next to the Government Palace of São Paulo, with stairs, ramps and a lot of difficulty, but she wants to know and walk up and down the stairs and get to know the place well, of course everything well recorded and photographed.

It's 38 minutes with scenes from:

- desk clothes

- work on the computer

- meeting with the boss

- lingerie rehearsal in the apartment with sensual scenes

- exhibitionism on the balcony

- scenes of podiatry and kissing feet

- walking on crutches in a large square

- use of crutches

- going up and down stairs

You will get a MP4 (3GB) file
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