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($1 BD animation)そにアニ(SUPER SONICO THE ANIMATION) 07-09(2K HDR)

Super Sony (supersonico, す 〴 に こ) is the fictional spokesperson of nitro +, and the role design is Jin Lu's survival. Mainly taking the nitro + related music media as the activity category, the role has been given the status not only for the music related to the game, but also for the original music belonging to "oneself" since its birth. The girl who is determined to become a professional musician is not only the cover idol, but also the guitarist and tonic of "first cosmic speed" of girls band. It is called "Niko" in the band.

超级索尼子(SUPERSONICO、すーぱーそにこ)是Nitro+的虚构代言人,角色设计是津路参汰。主要以Nitro+相关的音乐媒体作为活动范畴,该角色由诞生开始被赋予地位不仅是从事游戏相关的乐曲,也有属于“自己”的原创音乐。设定上是立志成为职业音乐家的少女,除了当封面偶像外,也是少女组合(Girls Band)“第一宇宙速度”的吉他手兼主音。在乐队中被称为“ニコちゃん”(niko)。

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美元 1.00

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