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As Elite Escort’s most sought-after third wheel, I’m responsible for fulfilling clients’ fantasies of bringing another man into the mix for a night of debauchery.

But I’ve grown bored with my night job and want more.

Jessica Lindy's friend hires EE to take her out and show her a good time. Although single dates aren’t my usual assignments, I agree to fulfill the task. Jessica steals my breath at first sight, and before our evening ends, I plan on worshiping at her feet for the rest of our lives.

But she’s jaded. A single mom with no time or energy to entertain dreams of happily ever after.

Her heart isn’t available thanks to her ex-husband, who she helped put behind bars, and constant fear over his vow of revenge keeps her from enjoying life.

When nightmares become a reality, she and her daughter end up in grave danger.


Can I convince Jessica I’m more than just a professional third wheel, or will the man intent on payback take her from me before I get the chance?

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