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Anna SLWC & Laura SLWC have a motorcycle accident. Chap 02

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Anna SLWC & Laura SLWC have a motorcycle accident. Chap 02

These two beautiful friends after a real cast after a real accident discovered the world of castfetish.

After their injuries got better, they decided to have a recreational plaster cast in a private clinic in Brazil, where they would enjoy looks, messages, benefits of having both plaster casts.

After the first day they have their plaster cast at home, they decide to go to very public places, where they will definitely attract attention.

They descend from the 2nd floor of the building through the stairs with difficulty and a friend films the other to later unify in this project.

They walk inside the condominium and take a taxi to go to a large shopping center in the city of São Paulo.

They walk with difficulty through the streets, when they arrive at the mall, use and abuse the escalators, wander through stores, and go to the Outback Stake House to enjoy a beautiful meal.

In this mall, they make faces and mouths of pain and get into the castfetish mood.

They also go to a tobacconist and make a lot of smoke too.

Video 10 min.

scenes from:
- parade at home with plaster
- details in the plaster
-- put on high heels
- parading in high heels
- walking on crutches in the street
- going to the market
- walking on crutches
- public scenes
- escalator
- details with closet in the toes.
You will get a AVI (534MB) file
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