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The Trailer Park Murder (Book 3)

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The local cops say suicide. Woodhead and Becker say homicide. And now there's a target on their backs.

Case analyst Bernadette Becker uses the investigation of an apparent suicide as cover to chase down a new lead on an old case. But someone is chasing her too—and she’s not the only one in danger.

When the suicide begins to look like a murder, Becker and her partner, the intelligent but infuriating Dr. Kep Woodhead, follow the clues—and Kep’s keen sense of smell—to a drug dealer, a mining company, and an obsessed scientist.

But the closer they get to the truth, the more Woodhead and Becker are in the crosshairs. After an explosive attempt on their lives, Woodhead and Becker must figure out how to solve one murder without becoming victims themselves.

The early reviews are in!

"★★★★★ Oh, MY! This book is awesome from the first paragraph to the last!"

"★★★★★ Seriously unputdownable!"

"★★★★★ So many twists and turns...A great read and tough to put down"

"★★★★★ Caught my attention and just did not let go"

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