WHAT JESUS WOULD SAY TO SAME-SEX COUPLES (revised and expanded): Nonviolent Resistance to the Christian Taliban

by Aaron Milavec

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This is a hot topic!  This is the "dangerous book" that the bishops don't want you to see.  So here goes. . . .

My exposition of this very sensitive topic will be divided into five chapters. This “enhanced version” of my original book adds two additional chapters (an additional 70 pp.) that explore nonviolent confrontation as an effective way to follow Jesus in responding to the menacing Christians in our midst who want to condemn all lesbian couples to hell and to fire any teachers sympathetic to their same-sex marriages.

Ch1 Early experiences and how my mind has changed

I begin with my personal experience because, when everything is said and done, my concrete encounters with lesbians and gays have massively impacted how I register their place in society and in the churches. In this, there is no neutral starting point--not for me or not for anyone else. No matter how many degrees one has earned or how many ordinations that one has experienced, no one can escape their personal experiential base. Anyone denying this is not sufficiently self-aware and cannot be trusted.

Ch2 How the bible and Cardinal Ratzinger treat and mistreat homosexuals

Next I will introduce you to Matthew Vines’ marvelous skill and disarming authenticity in probing the limits of using the bible to discover God’s view on homosexuality. Immediately thereafter I will unravel the dangerous flaws found in Cardinal Ratzinger’s arguments against same-sex marriages. This section will unmask the hidden fallacies found in the Catholic and evangelical Protestant claims to have nailed down God’s point of view.

Ch3 How John J. McNeill, Pope Francis, and the US Supreme Court will save our future

Finally, I will use case studies to expose how current authoritarian approaches destroy communities and defeat the very goals that their proponents hope to achieve. I borrow from John McNeill, Pope Francis, and the US Supreme Court healthy points of departure that will enable you to reaffirm the wisdom of Jesus and to bind up the wounds of all our children. I even offer a healing balm for your bitter opponents.

Ch4 Nonviolent Resistance to the Christian Taliban

As I circulated my first three chapters, I heard from readers who were torn apart by the intimidation and firings that are forced upon those who support same-sex marriages. Then I show how you can turn the tables and effectively disarm the Christian Taliban using the nonviolent resistance practiced by Jesus, Ghandi, and M.L.K.

Ch5 Jesus’ Response to Fundamentalism

When the Gospels are explored, it is clear that homosexuality and same-sex marriages do not show up. However, what one does discover is how Jesus daringly confronted the Jewish fundamentalists in his day; hence, you have much to learn exploring and imitating Jesus’ unique style of nonviolent resistance.  May the Force of the Spirit be with you!


REVIEW by Joseph J. Martos
5.0 out of 5 stars   Deep and Broad Analysis
January 10, 2016
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Milavec combines personal experience with academic scholarship to present a convincing case that same sex relationships can be healthy and wholesome for individuals, their families and society.  He is especially adept at contrasting the dogmatic views of fundamentalists, both Catholic and Protestant, with the more realistic attitudes and nuanced positions of people who give careful consideration to ideas about sexuality, relationships and parenthood that arise from personal experiences and from open-minded interactions with others. Especially revealing are the parallels he draws between Christian dogmatists, Muslim fundamentalists such as the Taliban, and the Pharisees described in the gospels.
Besides presenting his own views and arguing persuasively for them, Milavec also provides the reader with texts of documents and references to resources that can be used to delve more deeply into the issues.

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Peace and joy in learning and in living the good life,

Aaron Milavec, BS physics, STB, ThD, theologian, poet, advocate, public speaker, interpretative dancer

my blog = https://aaronmilavec.wordpress.com/2018/01/29/last-kiss/

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