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Case Histories of 5 Abusive Dishonesty Corrupting Official Catholic Teaching + 3 Case Histories of Correcting Past Errors

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The Catholic hierarchy has a long history of dishonesty hidden in the dark corners of official Catholic teachings.  This is especially true in the domain of sexual ethics.  Again and again, decisions have been made by the highest authorities in the Church on the basis of an ideologically driven agenda that makes use of shoddy biblical scholarship and defective notions of church history.

Once made, these decisions are imposed from the top down.  The Catholic hierarchy has no vested interest in feedback loops.  No one is responsible for measuring the impact of any given legislation.  Moreover, there is no systemic apparatus whereby the suffering imposed by compliance with a new piece of legislation should be taken into account and used intelligently by way of reformulating the original decision so as to reduce “unnecessary suffering.”  Generally, in the face of any opposition, the Catholic hierarchy responds by assuring themselves that the original decision was rock solid and that the suffering associated with implementing seemingly-bad decisions provide the faithful another opportunity to “take up your cross and follow Jesus.”

My intention here is to offer the faithful a brief history of five of the most significant legislative irregularities. At the end, I provide two remarkable instances when our bishops creatively revised and reformulated erroneous teachings. 

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