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Vulcan's Tale: An Epic of Arcanland (E-Pub and Kindle Version)

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Vulcan's Tale: An Epic of Arcanland serves as the prequel to The Antarctic Circle fantasy novel series. Vulcan’s Tale is an epic poem, written in octosyllabic verse, much like the Lay of Leithan written by J. R. R. Tolkien. The epic introduces readers to the hidden nations of Antarctica and follows legendary Prince Vulcan on his rocky path toward inheritance.

 Cloaked by a steel-frame diamond Dome,
by snow and lore and catacomb,
there ruled a dark and lovely king,
seated upon a goldwood throne.
And he, aelfin king, bore one son,
whose princely name was Vulcan.

This digital product includes an e-pub version, which is compatible for most e-readers, and a Kindle version. Enjoy this story on your favorite device!

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