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Lord Hear My Prayer

What do you want to ask God? What do you want to offer? Your ideals and aspirations? Your worries or concerns? Do you believe that it will be answered? We have doubts, we have questions. . . But we were never left alone. . .


Prayer is where we personally communicate to God our inner thoughts and feelings. It is where we offer our emotions and sufferings. Where we unleash all the happiness and hardships in life, it is where we ask for what our heart desires. It is with prayer that we help other people regardless of our presence but with our means. We help others not by giving something tangible but something that will uplift their spirit. Something to remember them by. All of us whether rich or poor Whatever kind of individuals, we always intend to pray. It is it a way to remember them. It is also through prayer that we say we love them. With prayer we lend our helping hand.

It is with prayer that we seek for guidance and protection from God, and it is where He answers everything.

In this book, you will find collection of original prayers for yourself, for your profession, for your love ones and for other people.

Share your thoughts and feelings to the Lord. God hears everything and God will answer you when you call. .  .

Every prayer I wrote is memorable to me because I felt I was in the shoes of that individual. I felt how much they needed God in their lives, in their situation. While writing the prayer, I felt what they need. It seems to me that while I was writing, ,God whispered to me what He wants us to ask Him. And he wants us to know that he is just listening and He is just there waiting for us to call him.

I dedicate this book to my family who is my inspiration.


                                           TABLE OF CONTENTS


An Architect’s Prayer                                                                                            3

An Artist’s Prayer                                                                                                 4

A Teacher’s Prayer                                                                                              5

A Farmer’s Prayer                                                                                               6

A Singer’s Prayer                                                                                                7

A Daughter’s Praer                                                                                             8

A Son’s Prayer                                                                                                    9

A Mother’s Prayer                                                                                              10

A Driver’s Paryer                                                                                                11

A Father’s Prayer                                                                                               12

A Writer’s Prayer                                                                                                13

A Policeman’s Prayer                                                                                         14

An Employee’s Prayer                                                                                        15

A Fireman’s Paryer                                                                                            16

A Wife’s Prayer                                                                                                  17

A Husband’s Prayer                                                                                          18

Prayer for those who are sick                                                                           19

Prayer for those taking exams                                                                          20

Prayer for Self-confidence                                                                                21

Prayer for a Friend                                                                                            22

Prayer of Love to Others                                                                                   23

Prayer of Agape Love                                                                                       24

Prayer of Thanks                                                                                              25

Prayer to Thank the Lord                                                                                  26

Simple Prayer of Thanks                                                                                  27

Prayer For Proper Behavior                                                                              28

Prayer For Acceptance and Forgiveness                                                         29

Prayer for Unconditional Love                                                                          30

Prayer f Thanksgiving To The Lord                                                                  31

Prayer of Leadership                                                                                       32




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