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Trouble in Tulsa: Desperate Age Series, Book Four

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In a race against time and fate, Ethan and Brooke have embarked on a harrowing journey, battling through eight hundred miles of treacherous territory over a grueling three weeks. Their sole objective: to reunite with their twins and Ethan's parents. Tragically, their desperate quest concludes not with a heartfelt reunion, but with the horrifying discovery of their hometown reduced to a lawless wasteland, ravaged by chaos and ruled by brutal gangs. 

Simultaneously, overwhelmed by anguish and urgency, Robert and Nina are forced to make the heart-wrenching choice to gather the twins and abandon their besieged home, journeying into the unknown. 


As hope dwindles and danger mounts, will this fragmented family find a path back to one another, or will they fall victim to the relentless turmoil and violence that now pervades their world? The fight for survival is only just beginning, and the stakes have never been higher.