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Surviving Freedom: Desperate Age Series, Book Three

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Nearly two weeks after an EMP attack sent the nation into chaos, Ethan and Brooke are still fighting to make their way home. Dangers await them at every turn. Finally back on the road after Ethan’s head injury set them back days, the young parents are elated to cross over the state line into Oklahoma. But their excitement quickly fades as trouble again finds them as they attempt to pass through Freedom, Oklahoma. 

Meanwhile, back in Tulsa, Robert and Nina continue to have to fight to protect Ethan and Brooke’s twins from roaming bands of raiders. After forming an alliance with their neighbors to protect their block, news of a much larger and better-organized gang moving into the area forces them to have to decide to stay and fight or bug out in search of someplace safe.

Follow this desperate family as they navigate a grid-down world in book three of the Desperate Age Series, Surviving Freedom