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Shameless Approach

SHAMELESS approach by Chris Samuel
Let me ask you a question:
Have you ever felt like the more you try to get along with a woman and try to make her like you, the more it felt like she was "moving away" from you?
You were nice, available, caring, agreeable, polite and complimentary, but at the end of the day you got your heart broken.
And I guessed you felt really bad about the situation.

Why "trying to get along" or "trying to impress" does NOT Work with highly attractive Women.
Here is the idea most men have about interacting with women: Try to get along with the woman by creating a smooth and safe conversation, spending money on her, making her feel special, being available, and avoid pissing her off, and she'll want to have sex with you.
That is wrong.
Keep in mind: If a woman is really attractive or chased by many men, trying to get along with her or trying to make her like you simply doesn't work. It'll only makes you come across as boring and unappealing. You need to do something totally different to seduce this woman, and this where the "shameless approach" comes to play.

The 2 Secrets that women do not want you to know
The shameless approach is efficacious because it practically makes use of these 2 secrets that women do not want you to know:
Secret #1: Women love male attention.
As a man, your attention is your most valuable asset, and women are clearly aware of that. Women love sex, but they love attention more than sex. The media often tell the woman to play-hard-to-get and not to give in easily to a man sexual advance because by doing so, she wouldn't look cheap and easy. The painful thing is, nobody tells the man to play-hard-to-get with his attention. Nobody tells him that giving their attention to women "freely" often make him look weak and easy.
The reality is, a woman might not be interested in a man, but still wants him to spend his attention on her. That’s the reason why knowing when to give and withdraw your attention is one of the most valuable skill you can learn to make women chase you. Using the shameless approach, you naturally know when to give and when to withdraw your attention from the woman.

Secret #2: Women love bold and confident men.
Ever wonder why that asshole gets the lady and you don't? Confidence.
Ever wonder why love bad boys and women take you for granted? Confidence.
The truth is, women love and adore boldness and confidence in a man. A man with true confidence doesn't feel the need to "impress" a woman in order to get sex. He doesn't spend his every moment with her trying to get along with her.
The more ballsy and confident you are, the more of an impact you’ll make on her, and the more you'll stand out among other groveling men who are constantly trying to get along with her. With the shameless approach, you naturally and effortlessly come across as fearless, bold, confident and dominant.
In a nutshell, to become intriguing and appealing to a lot of sexy, beautiful and high quality women, you must "create a space" where she can quickly and comfortably open up to you, and show you her real, kinky and naughty side. And, of course, you create that space by using the shameless approach when interacting with women...

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