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Dianna LLWC - great walk in the mall with people interaction.

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Dianna LLWC - great walk in the mall with people interaction.

Dianna always wanted to walk around and show off, to be able to interact with other people.

She then decided to go to a busy shopping mall in the city of São Paulo.

In the parking lot, she realizes that she will be able to walk without crutches and will be able to walk alone by rolling around the mall.

When coming down from the parking lot, she already gets help from a stranger to help her down the escalator.

After that she starts to walk and roll around the mall, I decided to go into department stores, where she tries on some clothes and showed off her beautiful leg in a cast by the mall.

Many eyes are directed at her cast, so I decided to grab a coffee at Starbuks.

At the cafeteria, the attendant asks what happened, draws attention and, when raising a couple, asks if she is in pain and she interacted with many people during her walk through the mall.

The video is 13 minutes long with scenes from:

- rolling with plaster.

- interaction with people.

- footwork scenes

- outdoor scenes

- close up on the feet

- help from people

- exhibitionism

You will get a MP4 (718MB) file
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