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Anna: fresh SLWC with High Heels and Boots at the Hotel (Chapter 02)

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Anna: fresh SLWC with High Heels and Boots at the Hotel

Anna and her fresh SLWC. She wants to sensualize and she goes and wears her 7" high heels shoes. She puts on her foot and since the cast is still fresh, she can't put her foot on the floor.
On that first day, she uses her crutches all day to keep her foot off the ground.
She walks around her apartment, enjoys her plastered foot, caresses it, starts doing daily things.
She decides to go for a walk through the common areas, walking through the hallways and visiting the pool. In order to do so; she changes her extremely high heeled shoes for a more confortable boots that will help to keep her balance while walking with crutches.
To enter the pool area you have to climb stairs with your crutches! Difficult! Not easy at all, specially if this is your first day on cruchtes...
Enjoy a good time at the pool, decide to return to the hotel to enjoy some more good times in her room.

The 17- minutes video contains footage from:

- Fresh white plaster cast (very creamy!)
- Walking on crutches and high heels
- Wear 7" high heel shoes
- Parading in your shoes
- Descending a ladder
- Fetish scenes with feet and plaster cast in many moments.
You will get a MP4 (1GB) file
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