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Project On Purpose

Each year we are intentional about making resolutions because we want tohave a better life than the year before. We all have good intentions. Often times those good intentions fall by the wayside because we don’t do those things we want to do on purpose. To do something on purpose involves planning and executing to achieve a particular result. In that, habit is formed.The habit of acting intentionally or doing something on purpose is what youa re trying to accomplish in order to improve your life.In order to really change your life, you have to develop habits or routine behaviors that become part of your life style. According to common research, it takes about 21 days to adjust to a situation, which in turn forms a new habit. Using this book, you will focus on living out a certain aspect of your life from health and wellness to relationships for an entire month, 30-31 days.  It doesn't matter if you start Project On Purpose at the beginning of the new year or at the end. This is a self-paced project. The idea is to focus your heart and mind on doing things on purpose, habitually so thatin the end you can accomplish your goals.

There is a focus area for each month. With this focus area, you will write your plan of action and execute the plan all month long. It’s best to have an accountability partner to participate so you can share your ideas, experiences, and results. You will need someone to help keep you motivated and not lose sight. It’s also great to see someone else’s goals manifest. You purposefully do everything you write out on the "Daily Habits For Each Week" and the "Action Plan" roadmaps. This is how it works: 1.) Develop a plan for the month by completing the goal and action steps section of the "Action Plan". 2.) In each weekday of the "Daily Habits For each Week", write down an action or step that you will do on purpose when that day of the week comesaround that month. These habits don't change week to week. This is how you establish your routine to get you to your goal. For example, Sundays might include a review of your action plan or mediation exercise. 3.) At the end of the month, complete the reflection section on your "ActionPlan". 4.) Repeat these steps with a different focus for each month.

Remember, your life won't change unless you do! Do something different. Form habits that take you to the next level in life.

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