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The Stress Eliminator's Victory

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When you are trying to deal with stress, the most important thing is, to know what stress is. What is this psychological condition that has ensnared 9 in 10 people of the world to some extent or the other? It is
only when you know stress can you make an effective plan to combat it.

Everyone in this world suffers from some or the other kind of stress. Whether you wear your stress on your sleeve and keep yourself out of activities or you stifle your stress in some recess of your mind and do not let the world know about it, the fact is that everyone is stressed.

Some people are more elegant about the stress that they face, while other people cannot bear it. Some even succumb to it in the end. The truth is that stress cannot be wished away. If you are stressed, you need to take immediate action so that it doesn'­t impede you from progress. You should be the master and controller of your stress and not the other way round.

In this book I am going to tell you how to identify your stress, how to understand the factors that can make you stressed and how to overcome stress. Whether it is stress at the workplace or the stress of a relationship, there are ways to smoothen it out. This book is going to tell you how to conquer your stress and not let it defeat you.
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