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The Ultimate Guide for Chakras & Crystals
There are seven points scattered across our body that are a major highway for energy to flow from root to the crown. These seven spaces are called chakras and through these, we receive and send out all kinds of emotional, spiritual, and physical ener...
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About the Experience

Chakras & Convos events are all about self-alignment, balance, and prosperity. Gain the clarity, the insight, and the power of your WHY!!

Activate your chakras, through style & grace; by wearing the chakra color you want learn or heal and start your journey to wholeness.

The C&C Experience is dedicated to empowering individuals who are passionate about real healing, transformation, and transitioning. This experience is designed to give intro tools for self-actualization that can lead you on a path of enlightenment!


You will leave this experience so confident with the knowledge of the Chakra System, the ability to activate, become aware of self, and illuminate.

Chakras allow you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your cosmic self
  • Empower yourself to live a more wealthy, abundant life
  • Trust your own inner guidance
  • Learn about chakra (self) balancing
  • Unlock the Wellness Wheel


6/4 Las Vegas-SLO' Med Spa

This Experience takes place in beautiful Las Vegas!


Dr. Simon-Si Speaks

Tiki-Tiki Customs


SLÓ Med Spa & Wellness Center

546 N Eastern Ave, Suite 120

Las Vegas, NV 89101

6/25 San Diego-Paint Me SD

This Experience takes place in beautiful San Diego, California.



Ro Toomer-Simply Savvy Sistaz Publishing


2525 Highland Ave. 

National City, CA 91950

Raise 50k For Mental Health Empowerment

Join our cause: We’re raising 50k for mental health empowerment.

TW Foundation houses many wellness initiatives, such as; "Chakras and Convos" to raise money in assisting the economic disadvantages of small businesses gaining access to capital.

We have big goals to reverse the negative impacts of COVID-19 on mental wellness progression. This mission driven event is designed to connect our local community and heighten the human growth experience in all areas of life to create balance while living a wealthy, healthy and fulfilled life through Empowerment Experiences by exploring the *9 Dimensions of Wellness." 

Our sole purpose is to help one gain meaningful empowerment that fundamentally changes their lives by improving their socioeconomic status and improving the quality of life for themselves, their loved ones, and their community. Through our signature events we aim to impact the industry at scale, and also empower one at a time to start or grow their self-empowerment!

TW Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, EIN 84-5016708. All the contributions are tax deductible.

Tonya Danee

Tonya Danee' is a Seasoned Entrepreneur of 20 years, Motivational Speaker, and Empowerment Coach. 

She believes that every individual deserves the experience of living in alignment with their Authentic Self and Life Purpose.

She has made it her life’s mission to share specific transformational roadmap with all women in the world, so they are able to step into their personal power and align with the amazing life they are meant to live.


Tonya Danee’s personal story is one of overcoming the emotional pain and suffering that was created by living the life she thought she "should" be living, and stepping into life she was always meant to live through the alignment with her Authentic Self and Life Purpose.

She offers a safe space for individuals to heal, along with inspiration from her personal experience and professional knowledge and training. She guides, supports, and empowers you to release self limiting beliefs and embrace their Authentic Self to align with their Next Level Life Purpose. Tonya Danee’ works from a place of compassion, empowerment, and authenticity to create the most magnificent life transformation.

Rather You Participate or Not, Life is Still Happening! -Tonya Danee

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