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As the title suggests, I am not here bragging about loads of different casino websites, as you will find on my other sites, of course you are free to play roulette and gamble where ever you can legally do so.

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However, I have recently had noticeable increase from people sending me random tips & donations from their winning profits after using my stategy, and as I always ensure that I reply to thank them I have always made sure I ask my players which casinos they have won the most and so on, now more and more people started to mentioned leovegas, which is when I myself signed up and tried it for myself.

I am very impressed with this casino, and I would strongly suggest anyone to play at this casino even if you are not interested in using my strategy system that I have been playing roulette with all these years, they also have the most live roulette wheels again contact me for more finer detail on the wheels I actually suggest for optimal success for those who are using my system, including the two live stream land based casinos, totally best online results I have found to date.

Main reason, more than any other, is there withdrawal time is second to none, as I write this listing now on my payhip store, I deposited £200 out of sheer boredom today and won just over £2000 profit, but the exciting part was when I clicked withdraw using the Trusty withdrawal option on the leovegas website I got an email about 20 minutes later saying withdrawal was approved and I literally checked my bank and the transfer was already showing.  

Obviosuly some banks will differ, but the bank I use for online gaming is Natwest, so its nothing special in terms of requirements.


The ONLY negative thing I have found so far, is that they are REALLY strict about multiple deposit methods... I used a prepaid mastercard (which they look on as a credit card) which has a limit of £5000 holding, I do this by my own personal choice as I load on funds to the prepaid card so that I will not spend more than I decide to fund.  However, I also use other cards from time to time as the prepaid mastercard is not a very fast serving merchant, deposits and withdrawals can be slow on my prepaid card.  Sadly leovegas will ONLY withdraw to the same payment source which I most recently deposited with, so it HAS to go back to whatever card.  To me, this is a bit annoying, as I have had to withdraw a number of times to my card which has a maximum holding of 5000, and I have to wait till its showing in my prepaid card account, to move it out and into my standard bank, then do another withdrawal.


However, if you do choose to use Trustly to deposit with, you can literally withdraw and have the cash transaction available in your bank within the hour.  I just a little saddened, as I truly love using my prepaid master card, as I think it is an exceptionally good tool that is outside of any gambling website control.  

Control your own money, is very wise option in my book.

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