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Conquer your Fear of Candy and Holiday Food

Conquer your Fear of Candy and Holiday Food
12+journal prompts, Clearing Script AND 25 Declarations to conquer holiday food/eating.

Want just the 25 declarations?

So many of us get anxious around holiday foods. 
The candy and sweets are enough to send anyone 
into panic, especially when we think it's going to mess with
 our diets and goals. Even more so if we don't trust ourselves around the food. 

If it's a food we feel we only get around this time of year, 
we tend to overeat, feel sick and then doubt our willpower 
and feel we let ourselves down. Many of us will still try to 
restrict but justify and allow ourselves to have a few pieces of candy, 
or just a few bites of that Thanksgiving or Christmas pie, because
 it is the holidays, but are then filled with shame, regret and guilt afterwards. 

After feeling we messed up, we then feel we have to punish ourselves by depriving further to make up for it. 

I used to do the same exact thing. It is no way to live. It's miserable and I want you to enjoy every bite of what you desire everyday of the year, but especially the holidays when most people are so hard on themselves. 

Using these journal prompts, clearing script and declarations, you will be able to find why you feel you can't enjoy the treats, then clear the resistance, and most importantly connect to empowering beliefs around candy and holiday sweets. 

You deserve to enjoy every satisfying bite of holiday food.

"WOW! I did this before Thanksgiving, I actually enjoyed everything without fear and I released weight! Before I would have restricted, hated that and still would have been so fearful of gaining weight for what I did eat. I have released still since Thanksgiving and plan on going through this packet again before Christmas and New years. Such a great tool Aimee gives you to always use regardless of the holiday and food. Life changing for sure!"

"This packet is absolutely worth working through. Ive just recently started and I’m already feeling so much more excited about the holidays! My perspective on how I view foods and how I eat them is shifting in such a wonderful way. I truly believe I am moving to a place where I can enjoy all the Holiday foods without guilt or shame. I’m learning to stop when I’m satisfied, and moving towards my ideal weight! I am so excited to navigate this Holiday season with this new found freedom I’m developing. I never would have thought this was possible before. The journaling questions and releasing/declaration sheets are inspired, I am constantly blown away by these resources that Aimee continues to makes available to us!"

"Aimee’s holiday packet has given me so much insight as to why I have so much anxiety surrounding holiday events/food. Just like many, when I think of the holidays I instantly think of food and cringe at how much weight I’m going to gain. By following the journal prompts I soon came to realize that EVERY December I have the same routine... I plan to binge because I think to myself in January I can “work it off.” I came to the conclusion that I’ve been doing this for over a decade and it boils down to the thought process of “it’s only once a year.” The script that Aimee gives for this isn’t just words but gets down to the core beliefs that we have engrained into ourselves over several years, even since childhood! Just by discovering my real weakness through following the journal prompts I am able to move forward and actually address the core issues! I’ve worked this for a full week and every day I discover something new about myself, and my beliefs surrounding food! I have done the journal prompts and follow up with the clearing script and affirmations - at first I was just saying what was written but now my body actually believes it! I can tell because I put it to the test by thinking about the upcoming holiday party’s I will be going to, and I don’t go into a panic mode anymore. I feel confident I can be around food and not binge due to fear. I believe everyone has multiple reasons for their issues surrounding food but no matter what, this can apply to anyone and you will discover what those issues are by following this plan!"

"Oh I love these!!! The declarations brought up things I didn't even know I had anxiety about below the surface. I really love the ones that incorporate others. Thank you!"

"These declarations are amazing! I am now so empowered around food even after the holidays were over, knowing I could trust my body to digest it it was safe for me to enjoy my favorite foods! Thank you so much Aimee"
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