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The Iron Ring: A Lizzy Ballard Thriller Book 3 (ebook edition)

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She has a promise to fulfill …

… but she never anticipated the evil that awaited her at the end of her journey.

Will keeping her word cost her everything?

Lizzy Ballard is headed to the Red Rock Country of Arizona on a mission of vengeance … and although she doesn’t know it yet, the Vivantem forces are no longer her biggest problem.

She and her allies have attracted the attention of a reclusive billionaire, a man who is determined to enlist them to his own cause … willingly or unwillingly. Even Lizzy’s enemies at Vivantem seem to be no match for his power.

With the lines of communication cut, Lizzy struggles to understand exactly who the enemy is. And when Lizzy faces the killer, even her special ability can't protect her.

Will Lizzy grab the iron ring, or be left on the field of battle?

Find out now in this third installment of the Lizzy Ballard Thrillers Trilogy!
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