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Snakes and Ladders: A Lizzy Ballard Thriller Book 2 (ebook edition)

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She thought she was safe …

… but even a continent away is not far enough to hide her from her enemies.

Will she be able to evade a killer’s search?

Lizzy is on the run after her fatal game of rock-paper-scissors with those behind the Vivantem fertility clinic’s nefarious experiments. She finds herself in the Red Rock Country of Arizona … and finds a mentor in a man with his own dark past.

While Lizzy works to control her deadly ability, the Vivantem forces are hot on her trail, and Lizzy's power will be no defense against the weapon they have chosen.

Then Vivantem strikes at the one person whose life means more to Lizzy than her own, and in a bid to protect her dwindling band of allies, she takes the fight to the enemy’s camp.

In this deadly game of snakes and ladders, will Lizzy be rewarded for her virtues or punished for her vices?

Find out now in this second installment of the Lizzy Ballard Thrillers Trilogy!
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