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Melodic Soloing in 10 Days

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Have you ever seen those guitarists that sound like they know exactly what they’re doing when they’re improvising? They just seem to hit all the right notes while their playing sounds crisp and melodic, as if they’d planned it all out beforehand, or were born with a God-given sense of melody. I’d always wondered how on earth they were able to come up with such melodic and flowing lines, thinking that they must simply be gifted, or have done some serious woodshedding. Then, during one unforgettable class at music college the door was opened to a method for playing and thinking as melodically and as effortlessly as they did, and this is what I want to share with you in this eBook.

As this eBook provides another perspective on improvising, it can be used by guitarists of any level from beginners who have begun to explore scales, right up to intermediate and advanced players who are perhaps looking to become more melodic, go beyond scale patterns, or have far more control over what they play when improvising.

This eBook is based on a 10-day program studying and practicing the material for approximately 2 hours a day. As everyone works at a different pace, you may be able to accomplish more in one day than is scheduled in the eBook; this is fine as long as you have really internalized the information before moving on. If you’ve been playing for just a year or two, then you may find you need to spend a couple of days for each ‘Day’ in the eBook; this is fine too as the point is to understand and internalize the material, not rush to the end. It’s also important not to skip days as all the exercises must be completed in the order given for the material to be truly effective.

Backing tracks included.

You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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