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Ultimate Training Halter Package (for donkeys only)

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PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING- Check sizes to make sure you're ordering the right one and make sure to email or txt me your choice of accent color within 24 hours. If I don't hear from you by then I'll assume you prefer a solid color and that's what I'll make. 

My favorite halter for an untrained donkey or a donkey learning something new is a well-fitted nylon halter with a special lead that can be used under or over the nose for the most clear communication possible! 

No sliding on my donkey's face and way less resistance because the signal is clear.
⭐ The training lead is also called a zephyr lead, a tool Linda Tellington invented because the signal from under the chin wasn't clear. The zephyr lead got much better results!! My donkeys agree 😀

For years I used a modified horse's halter and dog lead but now I've got halters made just for donkeys with matching training leads, matching lead rope and customized in whatever accent colors I want. 

Now, I'm making these halters for other donkey lovers too!!! ❤️
💙With this package,
  • You get a made for donkey halter, customized in your choice of accent color,
  • matching training lead (zephyr lead),
  • and matching lead rope. 
Watch this video to see how it works! The Ultimate Donkey Halter Training Package

If you would like to have a custom donkey halter training set made, please follow these instructions:
  • Order the appropriate size halter for your donkey (size chart below)
  • Pick a Base Halter color
  • Check the color chart pic below and pick your accent color for the decorative nose, cheek areas and the leads.
🌟🌟🌟THEN...Send me your accent color choice at or txt 423-400-7046 within 24 hours.

Halter Sizes:

Mini Size fits: Nose fit 15-17 inches and full crown 26-32
Standard Fits: Nose fits 17-21 inches and full crown 36-41 inch
(if you have a small standard donkey with a smaller poll that the standard just let me know the size and I'll make extra holes in the halter for you)

For Larger standards and mammoths contact me to see what color options I have available for your donkey.

Accent Colors Available:

This is a custom made product!! Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for me to make and ship to you. 
I can not accept returns on halters or any wearable tack. 

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