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My Morning Pages: Chronicles of living through Burnout (Digital Version)

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An honest memoir on the journey of recovering from burnout.

My Morning Pages: Chronicles of living through Burnout is out now!

There this exercise called Morning Pages, made popular by multipotential author Julia Cameron. The task is simple, but not easy: every morning, you sit down, write at least three pages freely. Put on the paper whatever is going on in your mind, in whatever form or sequence it shows up.

Sitting down to write, (kind of) every morning, during the darkest of my days, has transformed me. It has given me a sense of grounding, a sense of clarity, a sense of freedom, that I have never experienced before. Writing became one of my therapies.

In these pages, you will find thoughts that don’t always make sense. Feelings that not everyone would feel comfortable to disclose to the world. Reflections on life, work, achievements and productivity. Most of all, you will find hope.
By ordering this book, you show support to the work I have been developing with this book and with The BetterAchiever, allowing me to go further and reach more and people with healthier ways to perceive and do our work.

Enjoy your reading!
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