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Digital Advertising - A Catalyst for Business Growth

Hi, I'm Ben Lund, founder of Are you interested in how to leverage digital marketing to find customers? Additionally, are you lost by all the platforms and services out there?? Believe me, it's a lot, I know. There are multiple search engines, likely hundreds of display platforms, and thousands of sites you can advertise on. That aside, there are different agencies, consultants, etc. all selling you different ways to advertise your site.

The intention behind this book is to help you solve the mentioned challenges and give you direction on where to take your advertising. This e-book will cut through the clutter and offer the top strategies that are proven to work, in prioritized order.

I’m a seasoned digital marketer, and former Googler who is passionate about helping my clients achieve awesome growth via digital advertising. My experience spans Google (2014 - 2018), Yahoo!, RKG ad Agency and Monster.

Over these years, I partnered with enterprise clients to help them literally make millions from digital advertising. We did this across numerous platforms and strategies. Now, I want to help small and medium sized businesses crush it with digital. The large dogs have been making a ton via digital, and there is no reason why the small and medium sized businesses can't have their share. Through this e-book, I'm going to share top marketing strategies for any business serious about driving drive new customers via digital advertising. This is based on my 13+ year digital career across Google, RKG Ad Agency, Yahoo! and Monster.

This is intended for those who are just getting started with digital advertising and those who are looking for a POV on marketing strategies. This e-book is broken out into the following sections, which are ranked in order of opportunity. Each step should be complete, before you go to the next step, based on expected impact.

Now, each business is unique and there could be nuances with each, however, for most businesses, if you follow the digital advertising techniques provided, you'll see a nice increase in customers.

Measurement: How to leverage Google Analytics to give you a treasure trove of amazing data to understand which marketing efforts are giving you a positive return on investment. I firmly believe that you should measure every marketing you have live. Without measurement, how do you know what's working. With proper digital advertising measurement you'll be able to identify top channels to push on to drive growth.
Google Search: How to show up on Google Search when users are searching for your products in services. This is key, and you're able to do this through Google Paid Search advertising via AdWords (their Advertising Platform).
Remarketing: How to “close the sale” of users who have been to your site, but didn’t submit a lead or purchase. This is a very low hanging fruit strategy that everyone should have live, today. Within my e-book I give much more context in how to approach, and resources to set this up yourself.
Local Listings: How to be present on all digital directories and the importance of them.
YouTube: How to leverage YouTube to share your brand's story with sight, sound and motion.

This e-book provides high level strategies and specific instructions on how to get started, for the mentioned opportunities across measurement, Paid Search (i.e. Google Search), Remarketing, Local Listings and YouTube. Additionally, the e-book includes links to give you extra support on how to setup specific strategies, and I link to other resources that can help you out, namely my blog at

As you read this, I would love your feedback. If you have feedback, success stories to share, or questions, feel free to hit me up - I'm happy to support you. My email address is listed within the e-book.

With that, I'm excited that you're about to take advantage of the mentioned digital strategies that are proven to provide new customers for your business.


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