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Dark Wolf: Wild Lake Wolves Book 2

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Can this beauty help quell the beast inside of him? When Tamryn learns the truth about Luke’s dark past, can she love him anyway?
Luke Tully has a dark side. He’s spent a decade under the control of a powerful, ruthless Alpha who made him do things that would have broken lesser men. Though he found the strength to break free, he knows he can never live under pack rule again. He comes to a far off outpost on Wild Lake lands to see if there’s anything left of the good man he knows he once was. But, when he meets Tamryn Kane, she stirs his wolf and long buried passions within him that just might bring out the darkness inside him he’s tried so desperately to contain.

Tamryn Kane has been warned about men like Luke. Her grandfather calls him a demon. An outcast. Mystery swirls around him that's connected to Tamryn's past. But, when Luke’s lips brush hers, when his tortured soul calls out to her, she can’t turn away. Though their love may be cursed, the pull between them feels like fate.

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