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Blair McCartney’s goal of becoming a fashion designer took a detour after an unplanned pregnancy. Eight years later, she finds herself raising her son, Jake, in Brenner Falls and working in a clothing factory. Though she adores Jake, it’s a far cry from the life she dreamed of.

Cooper Dawson, a contractor, still grieves the loss of his brother. He wraps up a housing project, then returns to Brenner Falls with his dog, Zipper. There, he wants to build his own dream house. In the meantime, he moves in next door to Blair and Jake.

What begins as a friendship blossoms into something deeper. Blair’s rundown rental house presents its own challenges. Then, the sudden reappearance of Jake’s biological father throws their lives—and budding romance—into turmoil, triggering old hurts, and testing the limits of faith and love.

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